3 Key Reasons Why You Should Implement Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the longest running, most supported, large user-based ERP software products in the marketplace today. Originally managed by the hugely successful entrepreneur Doug Burgum, GP has been the cornerstone of mid-market ERP for over 23 years.

There are many reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics GP as your ERP solution.

1. Part of the Microsoft Family of Business Application Software

Microsoft purchased Dynamics GP back in 2003 and over the years has embraced the acquisition of what was then called Great Plains into its basket of business application software. Dynamics GP put Microsoft on the map as one of the leading solution providers of business application software in the marketplace.

Unlike other owners of ERP software products who tend to own the software and then simply support it for its user-base revenue, Microsoft has heavily invested in Dynamics GP by releasing 6 major upgrade versions of the product since their acquisition. With the release of Dynamics GP 2016 in May 2016, Microsoft has consistently provided a major release every 2-3 years!

Being a part of the Microsoft Family also allows Dynamics GP to have tight integration points to all of Microsoft’s other major software business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and more recently Power BI (Business Analytics). Microsoft has invested heavily in the business application software vertical it owns, and Dynamics GP will continue to be invested in heavily for years to come.

2. Rich History

Dynamics GP’s origins date it back to pre-1994. A history this long proves that Dynamics GP is ever-evolving and has risen to meet the needs of changing times. GP has been a cornerstone of the ERP marketplace for over 2 decades and continues to earn its place. It’s no wonder that competitors are constantly comparing themselves to Dynamics GP.

3. Simple Licensing

Microsoft updated and simplified its pricing a few years ago and now it’s amazing how much functionality you can have at such a low cost!

With Dynamics GP you can receive a full set of financial and distribution modules plus US Payroll with Unlimited Employees and 3 full licensed users for only $5,000 USD. If you are a manufacturer and/or require a field service solution or a project time and expense solution, then you can add these additional modules for a few thousand dollars more.

With Dynamics GP, your only licensing concern for the core ERP solution is adding users. Depending on your needs, you can add three types of user licenses to your solution:

Full Users
Full users are allowed to work within the entire Dynamics GP application and utilize all functionalities.
Limited Users
Limited users are mainly used for reviewing the data within GP.
Self-Serve Users
Self-Serve users are generally comprised of employees such as payroll employees or purchase requisitioners that are entering or retrieving their own data.

Note: In these descriptions and pricings, we’re explaining perpetual licensing. This type of license where you run GP from your server at your business location or in your company’s cloud server. However, there are also options for subscription-based licensing. For these types of licenses, you can contact Informed Systems, Inc., to get more information about this pricing or definition.

You Can’t Go Wrong with GP

What used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to own an ERP software solution has been reduced dramatically for companies that want to start with an ERP solution and keep that solution for years to come.

Whether you value a product that has been in the industry for decades, the vendor’s commitment to development and enhancement of the product, or the simplicity and flexibility of the license options, Microsoft Dynamics GP has what you’re looking for. This blog provides you with some insight as to why we believe Dynamics GP is one of the best, if not the best, ERP solutions in the marketplace.


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