7 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Miss our Year-End Seminar

  1. Save time and reduce stress by planning for an efficient year-end close.
    You will leave this session with a structured timeline and plan for a year-end closing process that works for your specific business needs.
  2. Improved strategies to coordinate schedules and expectations across departments.
    Don’t let a lack of communication get the better of you during this important time. Learn specific tips for setting clear expectations across all your departments.
  3. Handy checklists guide you through each phase.
    Ensure that you don’t miss any important prerequisites or other steps by using our module-specific checklists to guide you through your closing process.
  4. Learn how to avoid common mistakes.
    There are certain support calls we get every year, concerning mistakes made during the close. You will learn how to avoid these pitfalls! (And, in the event you make the mistake anyway, you’ll learn how to fix it!)
  5. We’ll share our secret tricks for using SmartList to simplify year-end processes.
    Understand how SmartList uses YTD and LTD fields. Easily verify general ledger account types. Receive automated reminders about new accounts that need to be added to Management Reporter. …and more!
  6. Must-have instructions for addressing error messages that may occur.
    Sometimes, in spite of all your best efforts, there can be an unexpected error during your close. Be confident, knowing that you have detailed instructions for resolving several different errors that may occur!
  7. Our exclusive step-by-step year-end manual, which covers every module and includes:
    Common errors and how to resolve them
    Resources for additional information
    Bonus section on maximizing your use of Management Reporter

Our Year-End Seminar will be held on December 17th, 2014 in Malvern PA. Call 610-940-9840 or email for more information.