Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know

by Lyn Barr

Did you know that Dynamics GP is the only Microsoft ERP system with out-of-the-box tools for ACA reporting? Users of Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2013 R2 and later releases can, in most cases, produce the new IRS forms required for Affordable Care Act reporting.

What you get out-of-the-box with GP is everything that you’ll need, provided your organization meets these criteria:

  • is singly owned
  • has a stable workforce with many salaried employees and hourly employees with predictable schedules
  • already offers health coverage
  • has fewer than 250 full-time equivalent (ACA-defined) employees.

Knowing that is terrific, but what are the exact steps you need to take to ensure you are compliant, and to generate the necessary forms for both participating and non-participating employees?

That’s where Informed Systems can help! Here are the general steps you should take to get your system ready for the new reporting. We can help you with any, or all, of these steps.

Contact us now to schedule a review of what your specific organization might need.

  1. Install & configure the Human Resources module. This includes assigning security, as needed, to the new module. Yes, you need to install a new module, but the good news is that the module is now free for GP versions 2013 & higher.
  2. Reconcile system-level benefits setups in Human Resources with existing records in Payroll module.
  3. Reconcile employee-level benefit enrollments in Human Resources with existing records in Payroll module.
  4. For self-insured businesses: enter dependent information in the Employee Dependents/Beneficiaries
  5. All Full-time equivalent (FTE) employees need a 1095 form, whether or not they are actually enrolled in your health plan. To ensure non-participating employees will receive the necessary form, follow these steps:
    1. GP 2013 R2 – Open the Employee Dependents window, lookup each non-participating employee and click Save for each one.
    2. GP 2015 – Open the Employee Dependents/Beneficiaries window and confirm that all employees are listed as “self.” For any employees not showing a “self” record, enter & save the necessary information.