All About Software Maintenance Fees and Why They’re Necessary

Nearly every software vendor requires a yearly fee (a.k.a. enhancement plan/maintancence fee/support plan) to be paid for maintenance. The fee is often based on a percentage of the software’s list price. Each plan differs in what it offers, so it’s important to ask the right questions to determine what’s included in the costs.

Probably the biggest benefit included in these fees is entitlements to the latest versions and upgrades to the software. Older versions tend to not be supported, and newer versions often include new features and capabilities.

If you’re tempted to let your support plan lapse, you’ll want to keep in mind that many times, a penalty fee is incurred should you decide to re-enroll in the support plan.

Questions you should ask before purchasing software include:

  • What is included in the maintenance plan?
  • What is the penalty for a lapsed plan?

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