Drive productivity and reduce costs​

How can your organization streamline business processes with a single, comprehensive solution? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps small and mid-sized organizations connect their financials, sales, services, and operations. Check out this flyer, and then contact Informed Systems, Inc. for more information.

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The cloud advantage: 7 benefits of moving your ERP to the cloud

In just one year, the number of organizations choosing a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployment more than tripled, compared to a 78% drop for on-premises ERP solutions. Access this e-book to discover how your organization can benefit from moving your ERP to the cloud. Contact Informed Systems, Inc. for more information!

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A new approach to evaluating ERP

Is your organization researching an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution? Access this e-book for a framework for evaluating modern, cloud-based ERP solutions that will bring your nonprofit the most impact. Contact Informed Systems, Inc. for more information.

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User experience overview animation

Running a business means making a lot of tough calls and you don’t always have time to sort through large amounts of convoluted data to get the answers you are looking for.

Dynamics 365 Business Central puts meaningful insights at your fingertips, so you will always have the information you need to make the best decision for your company each time.

Contact Informed Systems, Inc. to learn more about utilizing the full capabilities of Business Central.

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Kelly Roofing keynote demonstration

To stay competitive, Ken Kelly knew he had to pivot his company to meet customer needs. Whether this meant providing more accurate estimates on timing and price, or scaling to meet increased demands when necessary, each customer’s experience was vital to their success.

In order to meet all these needs and more, Kelly Roofing turned to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Operating through a single, interconnected platform provided the efficiency and the elasticity they were looking for.

The success of Kelly Roofing is more than just an inspiring story, it is an opportunity to witness how any business can transform themselves through the power of technology.

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AI leveling the playing field with Dynamics 365

Many small businesses disregard AI, believing it to be another tool exclusively useful and only available to larger organizations. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

AI is actually easier for smaller businesses to implement, as they are still growing and developing their systems. They have the opportunity to incorporate AI into the fabric of their business processes from the beginning.

AI can also be extremely useful, handling data and providing insights that most small businesses would not have the staffing to get otherwise, and providing access to the same smart decision-making tools as larger corporations at an affordable cost.

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Business Central AI infographic

What if your software was more than just a tool, but also a teammate? Imagine a software that could alert you to when inventory needed to be replenished before you were at risk of stock-outs? Or developed a production plan for you based on sales forecasts?

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s built-in AI is able to look at your business holistically to identify problems and recommend effective solutions.

Here at Informed Systems, Inc., we are excited to help you add the number one value technology tool to your arsenal: AI. Contact us to learn more.

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Business Central UK Authority

Growing your business often requires investment: investment in hiring more employees, possibly an investment in larger office or warehouse space, the list goes on. However, one thing that shouldn’t require a large outlay of cash is your business platform.

With Business Central, there is no need to invest upfront in an expensive new license or your own physical data storage. If there is a capability you need, simply add it to your subscription; if there is something you no longer need, simply drop it.

We at Informed Systems, Inc. think that growing should be exciting, not scary. Contact us to learn more.

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