How Microsoft Dynamics GP Improves The Quality of Your Data

The most important information that exists is “your data.” Timely and meaningful information is the foundation for effective functioning of any organization. Given the critical role that financial statements play, it is imperative that efforts are made to improve their quality and to understand their purpose (and limitations) in providing a comprehensive view of an entity’s financial position. There comes a point when basic accounting software can’t provide the financial insight you need to support a growing business.  Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a complete solution for your business operations including financials, integrations with other systems, and more without the complexity of traditional software.

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to maintain multiple years of history so you can understand past business performance and more accurately forecast the future. You decide what you want to retain and how long you want to keep it. You can record and store every check you ever wrote to a vendor, every invoice you ever sent out to a customer, how much inventory stock you had on hand at the end of last year, or your monthly customer sales history for the last 10 years. You can maintain as much history as you want, with almost no impact on day-to-day system performance.

Structure your chart of accounts in the way that makes sense for your business. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a true chart of accounts structure, including multiple segments that give you visibility into the performance of different departments or organizational structures within your company. Whether you need two or ten levels of reporting and analysis, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be configured to give you deep insight into various companies, departments, funds, jobs, or other critical aspects of your business.


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This post originally appeared on ERP Software Blog.