Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and Its New Features

by Jen Brett

In late 2014, Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2015. There are several new features and enhancements to the system, which prove to be useful and streamline workflow.

Some of the new features of Dynamics GP 2015:

Employee Self Service Functionality

It’s all about employee autonomy. Employees can manage and edit their own personal information, as well as utilize the Employee Skills & Training Window to maintain their education and tests. This is a workflow-integrated feature, so users can submit changes and get approval from Team Managers, instead of having the manager do it for them.

Workflow 2.0 New Approvals

This was a new feature in GP 2013, and has been improved for GP 2015 with four new workflow approvals. They are:

  • General Ledger Batch Approval
  • Payables Batch Approval
  • Receivables Batch Approval
  • Vendor Approval

Users can control the setup and editing of vendors along with the ability to process batches in a more streamlined fashion.

Human Resources Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List

One location for managers to view and approve employee self service changes and assigned tasks. Included are Payroll Timecards, Employee Profile, Employee Skills, Payroll W4, and Payroll Direct Deposit. For managers, approving and completing multiple tasks is as simple as checking a box and selecting an action.

Organizational Account User Authentication

Using the Dynamics GP Web Client, more capabilities are provided for a single sign-on experience using the same credentials used for Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and many other cloud applications. Users only need to update a password once for it to apply to many (if not all) of their applications. This feature also allows workflow approvals and tasks to be assigned to an organizational account instead of a Windows account.

Create Refreshable Excel Reports with SmartList Designer

Using the SmartList Designer, users can create refreshable Excel reports. Reports can be created from SQL views and published to the Excel Report Library. When a refreshable Excel report is published, the report can be opened in Excel with up-to-date information.

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