Telltale Signs You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks: You’re Putting Off New Business Opportunities

Part of growing a successful business is the ability to manage expansion.  You will eventually add employees, suppliers and vendors, and a growing list of customers as your business matures.  Steady growth and expanding operations into a new state or country creates a new set of challenges that basic accounting software simply can’t handle.  In addition, if you are spending more time on redundant data entry, creating spreadsheets, and manually calculating varying sales taxes, then you are on a short road to data mishandling and mistakes.

Growing Pain : You’re Putting Off New Business Opportunities

QuickBooks can be limited in the functionality growing businesses need to support multiple sales tax rates, multiple currencies, and the sophistication to deal with a global economy. QuickBooks can require extra data entry and the workarounds add time to complete your business processes. What should only take a few minutes or hours ends up taking days or longer. You know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks if you’re creating work-arounds to deal with business growth.

Adding new office locations, working with vendors in other states or countries, and transitioning to the global marketplace requires a robust business management system.  A Microsoft business solution can be just what you need to expand your reach. With the right technology, you can identify new business opportunities and not be afraid to take the steps to capitalize on new business growth.

Therefore, you can count on a business solution from Microsoft to help you support and grow your business.  Contact us to learn more about what Microsoft Dynamics GP and Informed Systems, Inc. can do for you.