QuickBooks Payments – Save Your Business Time And Money!

by Jen Brett

QuickBooks Enterprise Solution’s Full Service Plan comes with many fantastic features, but one of the best is QuickBooks Payments. With Payments, you can make managing your cash flow and accepting payments much easier, saving your business time and money.

What can you do with QuickBooks Payments?

  • Accept all major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover
  • Accept bank transfers
  • Accept payments on a mobile device, using the Intuit app GoPayment
  • Allow your customers to pay securely online with credit cards, using the Pay Now link on their invoice

There are no contracts or termination fees with this service, and all major banks (and many others) support merchant accounts. You maintain total control over how each invoice is paid-you can specify that on the invoice. Additionally, the company file will be automatically updated with payment information, eliminating the need to enter each payment into QuickBooks manually.

There are three options for fees:

  • Standard rates: No monthly fees, 2.4% per swiped transaction, and 3.4% per keyed transactions
  • Reduced rates: $19.95 per month, plus 1.75% per swiped transaction, and 3.15% per keyed transaction
  • Bank transfers: $0.50 per transaction, applies to both plans

Informed Systems, Inc. can get you on your way with QuickBooks Payments today! Contact us for more information or to get started.