Save Time with These 3 Simple Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks

Here are some favorite time-saving Dynamics GP tips and tricks. All three of these are available regardless of which Dynamics GP version you are using:

1.  Open the batch. When you are in a transaction entry window and have finished saving transactions into a batch and you want to open the batch where you’ve saved the transactions so you can run an edit list and/or post it.  Instead of closing the transaction entry window and then separately opening the Batch Entry window and choosing which batch you want to open, do this:

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Click the arrow to the right of the Batch ID.  This will open the batch you are using.  THEN close the transaction entry window.

NOTE: If you don’t close the transaction window, the batch will have a status of “busy” and you will not be able to do anything with it.  This way you have the batch entry window open with the correct batch already chosen.


2.  “Find” function. Lots of users don’t realize that when you print to screen in Dynamics GP, you have the “Find” function available to you, just like you do in other Microsoft programs.  So, if you have printed a long report like a detailed trial balance to screen and are looking for a specific account number or dollar figure, you can use the “Find” function to search.  This is available via the top screen menu or by simply using the Microsoft shortcut of CTRL-F.

NOTE:  “Find” is always searching for a specific text string.  For example, typing 1000.00 if looking for a thousand dollars when the display is showing comma separators will yield no results.  You would need to type 1,000.00 or 1,000 to get a partial string match.  But that would also show results for 11,000 or 21,000 or so on.  So be as specific as possible when using the “Find” function.  In the above example I would use $1,000.00 as my search criteria if the numbers were displayed with leading dollar signs.

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3.  Default report destination. Most users print reports to screen.  They might print the report from there to another printer if needed, but they usually begin by looking at it on screen.  Posting reports are a whole different ballgame; they have their own destination defaults in the posting setup.  And, report options that you set up throughout the system also have their own destination defaults, based on how you set up the system.  But lots of times we are printing an inquiry or some other report that does not have its own setup.  In that case, the system looks at your user’s default report destination, which is part of your User Preferences.  I always set mine to default to screen to save an extra click:

tips and tricks


User Preferences are found under the Microsoft Dynamics GP button.  You might find some other useful settings in there too, like colors for required fields under the “Display” button or SOP document type default!

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This post originally appeared on ERP Software Blog.